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We can reline virtually any chimney configuration you may have from  single, straight flues, to multiple flues and flues with bends and size  changes. CALL NY CITY BOILERS today for all the details. 718 373 3030.

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Chimney safety is very important. Inside your chimney creosote builds  up from every fire that you burn. After a while, that creosote can  build up so much that it can catch fire up inside that chimney. If that happens, your whole house can burn down. To prevent chimney  fires, have your chimney cleaned professionally every year. In addition  to cleaning out the creosote your chimney sweep, we will inspect your  fireplace and chimney for safety concerns.


Oil To Gas Conversion

As an experienced oil to gas conversion contractor, we offer a complete "one stop" solution for Residential and Commercial Brooklyn, NY and  Queens, NY area customers who are thinking about converting to natural  gas. We provide the complete service from evaluating the site, obtaining needed permits, and installing the new gas fired equipment. If you  have an oil burner that is capable of converting to gas, your conversion project could be completed at a minimum expense.

With our broad range of heating products and full installation  services, we can be your heating and conversion contractor of choice for any of the following:

  • Oil to Gas Heat Conversion Equipment & Installation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Boiler Service
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Boiler Tune Ups
  • Commercial Boiler Installation
  • Residential Boiler Installation
  • Chimney Installation
  • Chimney Repair
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Used Boiler Sections & Parts

The Advantages of Switching to Natural Gas

    • With natural gas, there is no need for an underground  storage tank. This eliminates the threat of soil contamination by oil  spills causing a huge cost in environmental clean-up.
    • There's no worry about corrosion of the tank - because with gas, there is no tank!
    • Natural gas burns more cleanly than oil, which creates  less byproduct that could end up in the environment or be left behind to cause damage to equipment, necessitating more maintenance and repairs.  Operating a gas heating system can be less expensive from that  perspective
    • Natural gas is a US product and by using it is an  investment in our economy. There's a huge supply of natural gas and  events overseas do not affect the availability.
    • Natural gas is reliable! Avoid oil truck delays due to bad weather conditions and other events.
    • Natural gas is economical and efficient, and has an excellent safety record

Here are some typical chimney problems that you may be experiencing.
  We Can Help!!

Typical Chimney Problems -, 718 373 3030

Typical Chimney Problems

Here are some typical chimney problems that you may be experiencing. 

We Can Help!!

Typical Chimney Problems -, 718 373 3030

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We do more than just chimney repairs!

Typical Chimney Problems -, 718 373 3030

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